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Our story

The manufactory

The story of our business began 5 years ago.

At that time, we started to envision ourselves and our tiles as a joint entity in our future. Essentially, we had nothing but passion and expertise when we first started our now-functioning manufacturing plant. Gradually, our determination turned into actionable steps that became an essential part of our developing plan.

* The linked catalog is currently only available in         Hungarian.



The PIKKELY Műhely Manufactory

Hey there! We're Flóra and Balázs, the team behind Pikkely Muhely! Every day, we work hard to create durable and nature-inspired tiles that will be the timeless centerpiece of your home.

Ádász Flóra

Ádász Flóra

interior designer

Besenyei Balázs

Besenyei Balázs

designer I ceramist

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